EXCLUSIVE: Interview with upcoming Bollywood actress Gita Soto!

Gita Soto

One of our Film critics Sanjay Parekh caught up for a quick chat with British born actress Gita Soto who stars in Veer directed by Anil Sharma, also starring Salman Khan.

Hello Gita, thank you for taking your time out for frontrowreviews.co.uk. How are you doing today?

Hi Sanjay, I’m doing great thank you, it’s good to be here with you.

So you’re in Salman Khan’s new movie “Veer”, how did you land this role? And what is your part in the movie?

I am yes, I am playing an English girl who goes to India in the time of the Raj. I’m opposite to the lovely Sohail Khan in the movie.
You know I was lucky, I met the producer for this movie, I heard he was looking for a westerner for a Salman movie and within a week I was on the sets filming. I had to meet the director first and get approved and then came the dance test..I learned a whole dance routine, after which I was confirmed for the movie..it was great.

Oh wow, you must really know how to bust some moves. So how was it working with such big stars such as Salman, and Jackie Shroff?

My God it was awesome. They are amazing. The cast for this movie is really something, Mithun Chakrovarty and Sohail too. It was a pleasure to work with such legends. We had a great working environment and every one of these great actors are so dedicated and hard working.  It’s inspiring.

I can imagine. As a westerner would you say this is kind of like a big break for you getting into the industry?

Well it’s an amazing film to be a part of! Really! And the fact that I’m a westerner, well I’m just glad there were westerners in India in the 1800s. It was a good character and role for me, and I hope many more will come.

How long have you been in India, and where are you from?

I’ve been in India for three years now. I’m originally from the UK, I spent a lot of time in India while I was growing up though. My mum lived here in the 70’s, hence the Indian name. But Mumbai, I’ve been there for a while now and I don’t plan on leaving just yet.

Ah Mumbai, last time I went 5 years ago all I saw was the busy busy streets, the pollution, and the pani puri stalls, which made up for all the bad things. Anyway, going back to Veer, what is your favourite track in the movie?

The entire musical sound track I love. The one on air right now (Salaam Aaya), it’s so beautiful.  But all the songs are pretty great and there’s a real variety, you’ve got some raw ethnic beats as well as gorgeous classical tunes. All of the musicians and instruments were brought together and recorded in the studio so its live and authentic.. it’s killer!

Yeah I also like this track. Are we going to be seeing more of you on-screen?

You sure are, I hope so at least. I did another film which should release sometime in 2010. It’s a romantic comedy where I play the lead. It’s from the director producer of Radio. Look out for it, it’s called “Sale up to 50% off”.

We shall definitely look out for that, sounds funny. Finally, for all the young, slick bachelors out there, are you single….and looking?

Haha, God it’s crazy all my friends are getting married at the moment, it’s like marriage is the fashionable thing to do. But in answer to your question, I’m not exactly looking, I’m just waiting for that special someone to sweep me off my feet. Until then, I’m young, I’m happy and I’m loving life. Hehe.

I think that’s what half the population of India wanted to hear and will surely be ready to sweep you off your feet! Anyway, thank you for your time Gita. Us here are rooting for Brits such as yourself.

Thank you, Sanjay.

Veer is set to be released on 22nd Jan, 2010.

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  1. Nila

    GO GITA!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Film is tooo cheesy and funny. You were awesome in it.
    When you flying me over to see you next miss movie star? 🙂 lol.

  2. gitavali

    I’ve only seen the preview – can’t wait to see the movie! a perfect role 4 u Gita, well done & hope to see more of u in the near future!!!

  3. Arjun

    One movie and she disappeared. Would love to see her in more bollywood assignments with bigger and significant roles.


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