Red Christmas Review

RC1You better watch out, you better not cry…yep its a little early for carols but not for murder! Mothers are a Xmas delight and they can also stop rampaging crazed stranger monster types, set on cutting up the family before the end of the festive period. The family rely on their wits and their mothers ability to kick butt before they are dispatched one by red blood soaked one.

RC2Ok, its a themed horror film. Ok its a homage to all those themed slasher type films of yore. Also ok it has a face that is instantly recognised via her work in horror classics. Right, so it fits all the parts of the genre lovers guide. This is the guide where you a slasher / horror film lover of all things 80s say…are looking for your next blood drenched fix. Do you get it ?…That is the question now…

RC3Well in a word yes you do. The film is a collection of genre conventions and sub genre troupes. It has a well versed lexicon of these thrown at you with an air of tongue in cheek humour. It also has the wonderful Dee Wallace in a role she plays to perfection. Director Anderson balances the OTT with the humour without breaking stride and making the film feel fresh even though its ground well trodden.

RC HEADI must give credit to the DOP, Douglas James Burgdorff . He has done exceptional work with lighting, hue, colour, saturation and the power of the frame. A DOP like this is rare a thing and makes the film look a million dollars more than some others would. He deserves credit for an eye for space that is exceptional. I might ask him to light my film…




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