New Movie Trailer – Legion (2010)

Release Date (UK) – 5 March 2010
Director – Scott Stewart
Runtime – 104 mins
Starring – Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki, Charles S. Dutton, Jon Tenney, Kevin Durrand, Willa Holland, Kate Walsh


The movie begins in a dusty diner in the Mojave Desert, which becomes ground zero for earth’s final showdown in Legion, an original and terrifying vision of the Apocalypse from director and writer Scott Stewart (Priest).

As mankind destroys itself in a savage fury, a small group of people trapped on the edge of nowhere prepare to make a last stand—with the help of a mysterious and powerful stranger.

The world is about to become a waking nightmare for the last remnants of mankind as rolling caravans of crazed killers arrive in search of fresh victims and an army of warrior angels bent on total destruction follows close behind them in a unique and terrifying glimpse of the End of Days.

About The Production:

Director, Scott Stewart and producer, David Lancaster agreed that in order for Legion to fulfill its potential as a character-driven action-thriller with supernatural themes, it would require an outstanding, highly committed cast. “The most important decisions a director makes are in casting a film,” says Stewart. “If you cast it right, so much is going your way from the start. To that end, Rick Montgomery, our casting director, was absolutely fearless. He understood that we were trying to aim high and defy expectations with the casting of the movie.”

Stewart’s script also took a “less is more” approach to the horror elements. “The original was a more explicit, ‘we’re going to show you everything,’ way of telling the story, as opposed to, ‘we’re going to keep you in the dark for a while,’” he says. “Darkness is the scariest thing. The anticipation of the scare is better than the scare itself. You want to tighten the screws all the time as a filmmaker and ratchet up the tension.

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  1. ALex

    I love this movie so much . Cause my favorite actor lucas black . I love lucas black . he is an awesome actor .

  2. Sharla Portello

    Honestly, I’am voiceless. The Shawshank Redemption is terrific. I’am not too old film fanatic, in point of fact, this movie appeared whenI was born, and thence I’am more accustomed films with marvelous special effects, edge-of-your-seat action, et cetera. This film has none of that, and yet, it really much . The way Frank Darabont uses the tale of Red to drive on the story, the beauty of the film music utilized (note the harmonica used just before Red finding the letter close to the end). The entire film, from beginning to closing, from actions to sound, is a beacon of desire, judgement, and repurchase. The cast is mastered, Morgan Freeman(Red) really brings about a fresh feel to the film, and that is exactly what the movie is, what a movie should be. Really recommended for each film fan.

  3. Beauty

    I just rented this movie with my Blockbuster Movie Pass a few days ago and it is really good. I just have a new found love for Paul Bettany and Lucas Black. They are both incredible actors. I was telling my DISH co-worker about the movie Legion and now I have him waiting to watch it. I told him since he has the Blockbuster Movie Pass with DISH and can get movie in the mail and stream other movies while you want to get it. I highly recommend the Blockbuster Movie Pass and a Legion. You won’t be disappointed.


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