‘Monsters’ Trailer – out 12th November

When a space probe crashed in the New Mexico desert, it carried samples of alien life-forms. Six years on, they are alive and well, thriving within a quarantine occupying part of the US and Mexico. A lone tourist becomes lost within this terrifying, ‘foreign’ land and must find a way out, with the help of a journalist reporting on the invasion.

A tiny budget went into this production but it’s looking impressive, with lots of suggestive shots, leaving our mind to add the rest. The film is shot in a documentary-style with jerky and nervy shots bringing us closer to the action as it unfolds.

Written and directed by new-comer Gareth Edwards, who worked on a shoestring budget here, creating all of the visual effects for the film on his own computer at home – he is a name to watch for the future.

Monsters‘ comes to UK cinema’s on November 12th 2010.

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