Downfall (Der Untergang) (2004)

Starring: Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Corinna Harfouch

This is how historical films should be made. Accurately! If anyone has seen the recent Tom Cruise film Valkyrie this puts it to shame. Not that cover the same topic exactly, just in pure delivery. Valkyrie deals with the Germans trying to kill Hitler from within their own ranks with very poor accents which make the film dreadful to watch. Downfall is 100% authentic German. I believe a pretty much all German cast and directing team.

The film is stunning in its portrayal of the final days of Adolf Hitler, holed up in his bunker in the centre of Berlin under attack from the Russians. Many flee the city knowing full well that the war is lost but Hitler refuses to give up and will not leave under any circumstances. A handful of die-hard supporters stay with him in last attempt to come out triumphant. At this point it is inevitable that they will fail and so we watch how the final moments of World War 2 unfolded.

It is very well made, professional film – stunning performances from the actors. Bruno Ganz is magnificent. He must be very proud of his presentation of Hitler. Simply first class.

Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Writer: Joachim Fest, Traudi Junge

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