Venice Film Festival: Kelly Reichardt’s ‘Night Moves’ received favourably

Kelly Reichardt‘s new feature Night Moves has been garnished with positive responses following its world-premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

Responding on Twitter, Ashley Clark wrote that the film is “Deep, cruel & compelling”. David Jenkins, meanwhile, called it a “Fastidious Melvillian crime drama, very much of a piece with MEEK’S CUTOFF (as in, very awesome).”

Gabriele Capolino remarked that the film is “subtle, tense & dry econoir with great character study. Kelly Reichardt I love you. Not for everyone but sure for me”. Ken Adams claimed it is “Kelly Reichardt’s best film to date. Never thought there was a possibility in outdoing WENDY & LUCY.” He also added that the film “works on so many different levels, it’s a great companion piece to MEEK’S CUTOFF, disguised as an eco-thriller”.

According to Robbie Collin, Night Moves “is the best film in comp so far: tensile fable of activism gone wrong with a Chaucerian moral kick”.

Night Moves – Reichardt’s first feature since 2010’s Meek’s Cutoff – stars Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard, and also plays at Toronto next month.

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