The London Drone Film Festival to bring art from around the world

ldff_logoThe London Drone Film Festival will be held for the first time this May, showcasing the work of film makers and drone pilots from around the world who are using the latest drone technology to create diverse and incredible work.  The Festival is being held at the ICA on 23rd May from 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm.

The London Drone Film Festival has been set up by Owen James, former software engineer for 25 years, filmmaker and a licensed drone pilot. He says:  “We want to inspire people that drones enhance our lives and make them richer by de-coupling us from the ground and making it possible for us to think of the possibilities in 3D space.”

The Festival will offer a networking opportunity for professionals in the film and TV industry, giving them and drone film fans an opportunity to see some of the best films from around the world. They will be able to share industry insight in the application of drones and the logistical and legal challenges the industry has to deal with.  As drone laws are different in varying countries people have to be aware of how to navigate these rules to accomplish their projects.

As well as screenings, talks from experts and networking opportunities, the London Drone Film Festival rsz_parallels_picture_1-1-770x433will be holding an international competition with industry leading judges including Todd Baxter, Christian Kehoe, Andre Ferreira and Simon French. There are multiple judging categories for the London Drone Film Festival competition, which are:  Still Photography, Technical, Narrative,  Extreme Sports, Landscape Architecture, Showreel, Selfie, and Special. “I am astounded by the films that have already been entered, and I think that people will be surprised just how good the technology has become and what it can do for a production,” says. “We want to inspire filmmakers to think about the possibilities of using drones in their productions and how it could benefit them.

“The film industry is finally starting to embrace the concept of aerial filming using drones and the crews involved in this work need to be recognized for their outstanding contribution to the story telling process. Drones have enabled producers to add high value shots to their productions that would have been cost prohibitive in the past.

“But filming with drones is not just for Hollywood it can be used for industrial inspection, land surveying, disaster relief, the prevention of poaching, crime prevention as well as  rescue and recovery.”

A limited number of tickets are available now at

Some of the profits raised at the Festival will be donated to Cancer Research UK – as a Cancer survivor Owen James wanted to do something to give back and help others affected by this disease.

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