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Your Name was a super hit last year, it also was critically lauded and had teens idolising this body swapping comedy. When two seemingly different (in locale at least) teenagers Mitsuha (a girl) and Taki (a boy) witness a meteor shower, they experience something more profound. They are able to live in each others lives through each others bodies. From a city boy to a country girl they make a connection but still dont now who each other really are. So can they make dreams come true and meet each other.

Anime has always produced hits that resonant internationally. Sometimes they reflect the era and the aspiration of the youth watching them, sometimes they reveal the rise of younger desires for a better world. Your name falls squarely into the latter category. Its nice and soft in tempo, pitch and ideas. Twee even would be acceptable in many respects. It works for the viewer who wants to see everything fall into place and everyone get what they want. A cross between Rom Com of house Curtis and slap stick of Keystone cops. Think Ghibli but softer.

I am not a fan of this sort of thing in truth but firstly it works as a film and for its target audience. I found somethings to focus on that might allow for even the hardened critic to connect to the film. Visually it is playful enough to keep the interest of a hardened cynic like me. The narrative is smooth and not over written. It has some well constructed set ups and pay offs. This said I doubt I will return. However having seen it I am happy enough to say I enjoyed what was obvious. Take it from me, pinch of salt it is a country bumpkin meets city mouse film that works if you switch off…

-Contains the film on DVD with both the English dub and the original Japanese track with English subtitles.

-Special TV program


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