The Hourglass Sanatorium Blu Ray Review

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Joesph enter the sanatorium where his father is being held. He father is close to death and Joesph wants to spend these last few hours together. When he arrives at the sanatorium however he finds it is a strange, hallucinatory place. At times magical and others nightmarish, the sanatorium becomes the driver of his revisiting personal history. He meets old friends, girlfriend and lovers. He also travels into the checkered past of Polish history. Through wars and wastelands, puppet shows and plastic people in archways made of marble. The decaying ruins are also home to others, lost in the space and time. Sometimes it is a mere day, other times a thousand years and the next thirty seconds in the past. Dream and illusion merge with death and despair as we voyage into a place that is not here but everywhere. A place that is home to dreams and reality, imagination and illusion. It is here that Joesph will find his father but also might find out more than he wished to about himself.

The cast of Fiddler on the roof were a poor choice of extra...

I am spell bound by the utter majesty of a film that uses the visual field to tell a complex and compelling story.The use of vision and the composition of a shot to tell the whole story is not new, in real and true fact it is why cinema exists. Silent film was the original painter of images and it was done so well that it captured the minds and eyes of great film makers for generations. In Hourglass we have the use of image as an actual narrative toy. It tells the story by immersing us in an event and then playing around with the form of it. That is simply to say we cross space and time visually and not via verbal or audio clues. An illustration is required. The shot is at a wall in a dilapidated house and as the character climbs over said wall, they are in a jungle. We have crossed sace and time within a single cut. This might not sound like much but within the bounds of the space and the time it is acceted. The film has convinced us that the space deserves to be outside of any physical laws of time and space.Imagine all that conveyed via the use of an edit and a shot. Amazing in the simple and clever way it communicates the idea and executes the move.

Working my way back to...the grave?

Wait there is so much more. Visually as well the film is so rich and deeply submerged. We have rooms filled with motifs, images, clues and clutter. They make the image so much fun to read and absorb but also so much fun to understand the passage through them. You ask about the boat, the ballroom, the  disrepaired hospital. All have a place in the world and all feel interesting and unique. I love the way form is almost pushed to breaking point by the introduction of a dead body and a piano. A plastic person and a river boat in a swamp. The fish eyed lense gives life to all this so much so. It might actually be a 70mm lense but it is vast and the sace needs it! You have at this films very core, modern cinema at play. The art direction is astounding and so is the production. This is a masterwork and within this film is a very primary thing. The reason cinema is magical…


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