Spartacus: Blood & Sand – DVD Review

On its release, Spartacus: Blood and Sand caused a bit of a furore due to the level of full frontal nudity, Roman orgies and graphic violence throughout the series. It seems however that people enjoyed it! Currently now with an IMDB rating of 8.8 that gives you can indication of its popularity.

For those that missed its weekly scheduling on TV, it has now been released on DVD and Blu Ray. For anyone with any experience of long running American TV shows – you know that watching a series on disc is the smart way to go!

The show itself is about the rise of Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) as he’s taken away from his wife (Erin Cummings) to be trained as a gladiator in Capua. Most of the major points of the classic story are there, but lets be honest this is not about the story. Its about Roman orgies and violent Gladiatorial combat – it achieves exactly what it sets out to do. If that sounds like a bit of you, then it is currently on sale at Zavvi.

The DVD version is lacking in special features but the Blu Ray version however does boast a whole load of extras including the following Special Features: Gladiator Boot Camp, In The Hole, Make Up Effects, History Rewritten, Sex, Romance, Love, Bloopers, Anatomy of a Scene, Starz Studios, Heroes v Villians, Audio Commentaries.

With the new series “Gods of the Arena” coming soon, Spartacus the new batch shows no signs of slowing down yet.

If you came here expecting to see something about the Kubrick classic – Spartacus – then that is also available as a new blu ray version from Zavvi.

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