Pride and Prejudice and Zombies DVD review

PPZ3Jane Austen’s classic of love and social conditions receives a rather unusual imagining.  England is a waste land of zombies and the lives of the ordinary folks trying to get a suited one and keep them have become even more difficult. Elizabeth Bennet (Lily James) isn’t only a beautiful young lady, she is also a deadly assassin that knows kung fu and sword skills. Her siblings also are well versed in the ancient arts of cut, chop and kill. Mr Darcy is a zombie hunter and all around obnoxious prig. So when he meets the queen of zombie killing, well you know what will happen next…

PPZ1Its been a point to change the works and components of the classics. Often it is done to correct wrongs or modernise and sanitise the apparent nasty elements. Here it is the misogyny and gender stereotypes of the period. Also it is to send zombies in for the kill and as they make money, it is simple and right. Well the film is dull and stupidly naive in places but I will look for the positives and positive criticism is best. The lead performers are all bright young things and prove that ( If we need it) privilege really is the way to get into the film industry.

Lily James;Bella HeathcoteThe cast are irritating, performing the film as if they are only interested in the pay check at the close. This might be usual for the generation Mumsy and Patar but not expected of the likes of Dance and Headey. The story itself need not have been turned into a film as the book was enough. Seth Graheme-Smith found a novel idea and ran with it to every story he could find. The script is tripe and it comes across as so desperate to make you want to like it. I also found the visual structure utterly idiotic. I love cult films and this is trying desperately to steal from them but also to make it commercial enough to bring in the middle aged Cold play listener. That I think is my problem. The disc has good extras but for once I have to say shame about the film.


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