Cry of the city DVD review

COC2Martin Rome (Conte) has killed a policeman in a confrontation but also has been injured in the fight. He is in hospital when his fiancee Tina visits him and it becomes clear that she was a part of the murder and the fight. He wants to protect her and stop her from getting involved. Police Lieutenant Candella (Mature) is on the case and can only see the problem of witnesses. They said that a girl took part in the murder and Rome denies it. Rome says that he was alone and did the crime only to stop his own demise. He wants to take the hit and wants Tina saved from the murder wrap. Candella wants the facts and goes in search of the witnesses profile. When Rome escapes from the hospital prison in order to find Tina, he is in trouble. Candella wants to take him and Tina down but Rome will stop at nothing for this not to happen.

COC3Film noir has nothing new to have added to it. That is what Mark Cousins said about the genre and its commentary. I would say to that amazing film maker and film explorer, to look again. You see cinema is always changing in its construction and comprehension. People today view this film with an eye outside the cinematic mind of a previous generation. I saw the film as an exploration of immigration and assimilation. Rome is a standing idea of the Italy mafiosi in youth. America was the new world but old habits and ideals die hard. Candella is a vision of the other side. An Italian who wants to be American and connect America with his heritage. He wants to unite the two and become an Italian American. Its brilliant. It is so good because it tells the story of people as product of place but also as product of identity.

Cry of the City, 1948The film is very good indeed. Siodmak directs with a skill that is powerful but also underlines a natural space. He casts the film as a film noir but begins the shift toward the new natural process and realism. Conte is excellent in his warmth and humanity. He is not a nasty man and he executes that well. Mature is mature and I can only say I love his performances. His stance and stand. His manner of performing to the camera. The other thing that stood out for me is that gorgeous cinematography. Its crisp and clean and on the new print of the DVD is sublime. The Commentary is okay enough but I just loved watching the film and seeing it play out. The booklet (Blu Only) is amazing and grand size to be value for that money you spend.

• Original theatrical trailer

• Audio commentary with Adrian Martin

• Fully illustrated booklet

• Other extras TBC

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