Almost Human DVD review

AH3A bank robbery goes wrong when the driver Giulio Sacchi shots dead a traffic cop, the gang that employed Sacchi are now having to plan another way to make ends meet and they blame Sacchi. He now has to pay for what they lost. Giulio Sacchi has an idea of how he will do that and takes up with a few drifter types. They will kidnap a rich mans daughter and ransom her. He will pay and they will run off rich and with all debts resolved. That is until Giulio Sacchi decides otherwise…

AH2Italian Police films called Poliziotteschi are popular in the cult world. They also often have to, or had to be dressed up as other types of films. This is often due to the directors or actors and even the audience expectation of content. This film was packaged as a horror film. It is not. The director Lenzi made some very playful films, as well as trash but they all lived near to the horror genre.

AH1Now the film is uneven. It has a throw away attitude to humanity, a rather unbalanced script and a cast that makes literally no one likeable. The film is however engaging. It has action, a crazed central performance from Milian and it has great pacing. Lenzi knew what his audience needed and gives them it without hesitation. Admirable and intelligent but dismissed by the critical mass.

AH4Shameless give us a better offer than many would expect and it turns out to be a supreme quality release of a package. The track is the highlight as it gives you details and info that is so clever and fun to know that you will find yourself screening it too friends just to tell them. The Milian interview is also great and shows he was a nice guy with a great heart…


– English & Italian original Audio with English Subtitles
– Milian Unleashed interview with star Tomas Milian Fact Track & Article from Paul Alaoui
– Theatrical Trailer
– Shameless Trailer Park


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