3 Days of the Condor DVD/ BLU review

3d2The CIA have a select bunch of readers working for them on an internationally focused project. The project is to find secret organisations that are trying to influence or subvert via the written word in novels, phone books and the like. Joe Turner (Codenamed Condor) sent a report in to headquarters and now he is on the run. Bodies are piling up and the truth is working out who to trust and who to kill.

3d4I am aware of the 70s paranoia thrillers like this and Parallex View. I like them in that they often open up a world of trust, denial and of course betrayal. I do however not believe in conspiracy theories as they tend to be more based on fears and desires and less on factual evidence. This film however is a cleverly paced, skillfully directed masterpiece. Redford is superb as the out of water agent that didnt want to get involved. Sydow is awesome as a callous hitman. The film is well paced and has an ending that is bold and truthful. A hard thing to say for a Hollywood film but this is about as on the nose as we get.My only gripe with the whole thing is its occasional casual misogynistic treatment of Dunaway as the empty civilian who too easily falls for Redford.

3d3I implore you to search out this film and the new transfer is clean and crisp. The sound options of 5:1 and stereo allow for the original and new to be explored.  The interview was ok and the Directors piece had Pollack in a light which might miss a little of his subversive tendancies. However the booklet is amazing and I have read the piece by Brooke twice. Informed and intellengent.

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