I Drink Your Blood Blu Ray Review

Hippies satanists are going around the back roads of small town America. They are looking for the next thrill and the next glorious kill. They find a town and rape a local girl, feed LSD to a granddad and attac... Read More...

Autopsy of Jane Doe DVD Review

A Jane Doe found in the basement of a house needs a very quick cause of death. So Tommy Tilden and son Austin (Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox) are going to perform it late in the evening. When they begin, it soon b... Read More...

Seoul Station Blu-ray Review

Last year's thrilling ride, Train To Busan was one of the best horror films of the decade - fast paced, emotional and packed an incredible punch. Alas it wasn't going to be long until Busan's prequel; the animation, Seoul Station was to be released.

Pieces DVD Review

When a college campus is terrorised by a mad man (probably should say person but hey sexism is alive and well here!) who likes to cut co ed up and down, the police are called in. They prove unable to stop the d... Read More...