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Tucked - Faith and Jackie

Jamie Patterson’s Tucked is an emotional tale of a cross-generational friendship between an ageing drag queen and a non-binary youth.


The film opens with an onstage performance from the one and only Jackie Collins (Derren Nesbitt), a drag performer who has clearly been in the game a while. She retells tired sex jokes and innuendos that are politically incorrect enough that the youth of today would cringe and keel over.

Tucked - Jackie on stage

After the act finishes, Jackie is asked to welcome newcomer Faith (Jordan Stephens) around backstage, a much younger artist who has recently joined the team.


Later that night, however, Jack (Jackie’s non-drag alter ego) has a coughing fit whilst home alone and collapses to the ground.


It soon becomes apparent that Jack is fast approaching the end of his life.


Tucked is about companionship, regret and closure.


Faith and Jack are completely amicable with each other at first, with their age difference a huge elephant in the room. After a run in with some homophobic louts, Jack ends up back in hospital again, with Faith in tow. The beginning of a beautiful friendship begins later that night when Jack realises Faith lives in a car and takes action to help the younger of the pair out.


‘Just because I like wearing dresses, doesn’t mean I like sucking cock’


Tucked hosts a few nice one-liners that really set in stone the feel of the film. It is an exploration of cross-generational relationships and that of different people within the queer community.

Tucked - Close up of Faith


To the uneducated, they may look at Jackie and Faith and assume they are somewhat the same, yet Tucked clears that perspective. Faith doesn’t identify as either a girl or a boy, only as ‘Faith’ whereas Jackie is the alternate ego of Jack, an ageing widower, father and identifying man with a passion for drag.


‘I do like women, but I also like dressing like a woman’


Two very different aspects of the queer spectrum.


As the bond between the two deepens, we have a few laugh out loud moments. Faith’s discovery of Jack’s impending passing couldn’t have been delivered better – but we will let you enjoy that for yourself.


All in all, Tucked follows two very different people at two very different stages of life. Faith is young, fierce and just starting out in life, but still needs a little help. Jack’s life is coming to a close, but he also needs help to get the closure in the time he has left for the mistakes and regrets he has made along his journey.


Definitely one to be watched.

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