The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Starring: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth

Marvel comics write some amazing stories which turn into box office hits, but this release of the green, muscle bound megalomaniac definitely makes up for the poorly, under budget attempt of this director a couple of years ago (it is dire).
Nortans sympathetic, tempered approach lends itself well to dr Bruce banners persona, giving the character an unmistakeable human nature which makes the big green guy all the more real.


The film opens to Bruce working in a factory in brazil, keeping off the grid and trying to find a cure for his condition. We see Bruce learning to control his temper, trying to keep the hulk at bay and all the havoc that comes with him. An interesting little element of the film is the timer that sits on the corner of the screen telling us how many days Bruce has gone without an incident.

As it stands, the government track Bruce down and cause him to react in the only way he can, with his eyes turning a dark green in a blacked out room, him falling to the floor and then just noise. The incredible hulk is awake. The mannerisms of the hulk are well captured from the original TV series and I think that’s what made this film a hit for me. The way the hulk leaves a damaged scene by firstly turning his body away and then his head after shows that the directors understood what made the TV series so popular. If you are a fan of the hulk and his missions to fight the bad, then this instalment of the hulk fighting a baddie hulk will definitely not let you down. have it for less than a fiver here

Roll on the good times…

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