The Evolution of YouTube…

YouTube started as a humble video sharing website back in 2005. When the site took off, Google bought it for an astonishing 1.65 billion dollars, a year from its birth. Here at front row reviews we use the website to look at trailers and understand more about the movie industry and what’s going on at Hollywood. Other everyday users visit the site for general entertainment, through the consumption of user generated video content. But there have been some significant changes as of late to the website. Because its got access to such a large audience, Google want to make money from it.

What’s the best way to make money ? Advertising! The biggest change I’ve seen happen to YouTube is the introduction of “official” movie trailers, right on the homepage. This ad is expandable and we have the option to close it, however I find it quite useful. Google will be selling this space for a large sum of money each money, netting them some revenue.

Another big change that I have noticed is that companies can now post videos on YouTube with their logo and branding on the videos, giving a kind of official promotion. To add to this, The geeks at YouTube recently gave an interview to Forbes Magazine and gave some insight into what they are thinking about for the future of video content. Check out their article here

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