Step Brother (2009)

Starring: Will Ferrell, Adam Mckay

I still cant make my mind up if I like Will Ferrell or not. Ive seen the Anchorman, and Ive seen Blades of Glory. Unfortunately, up until last night, Will Ferrell hadnt made much of an impact. Then I came across the film Step Brother and that all changed. Will Ferrell is a bit special, but hes a special film actor in a good kind of way and Step brother definately brings the best out in him.

When Brennans (Ferrell) mother Nancy marries Dr Robert Boback, Brennan has to move in with his new step dad and 39 year old step brother. With the step parents dream of sailing into the sunset becoming a near reality the pair realise that they can no longer hand hold their two sons. and therefore put an ultimatum on them – each find a job or get out. With an annoying, interfering older brother to contend with, the two brothers have a battle on their hands to save their step parents marriage and realise their destinies.

Wicked film, this made me and my friends lol throughout the movie. Especially when Brennan dresses up as a Nazi to fend people off from buying their house… classic. buy now from

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