Kylie Minogue alongside Akshay Kumar in BLUE

Who would have thought we could be sitting in a bollywood cinema watching the beautiful Kylie Minogue strutting her stuff on screen and adding her talents to the album of a hindi film? As it stands, bollywood has come a long way and as music plays a huge part for both the worldwide fans and the producers pockets, its only inevitable that bollywood starts to consume the best talent that the western world has to offer, both musically and on an acting level.

For the music production of Blue, A R Rahman managed to get the talented superstar Kylie involved, getting her singing and also appearing in the music video for the new hindi film. Following on from Snoop Doggs appearance in Singh is Kinng, I think kylie is a wonderful addition to bollywood cinema and show the natural progression bollywood films are taking towards the western world. Check out the song called Chiggy Wiggy, by Akshay kumar and Kylie….

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