HMV loyalty Card… what are the benefits of it?

I went into HMV on the weekend to take a look at some DVDs and after carefully browsing their usual 4 for 20 offer, I went to the till point with Little Nicky, We Own the Night, 21, and Anchorman.

As I was dishing out my credit card (its a recession!) and getting ready to part with my twenty quid, the till guy asked me if i wanted to sign up for a HMV loyalty card. “HMV LOYALTY CARD?” – “yes, HMV LOYALTY CARD” he said. Slightly suprised, I asked him what exactly this was. He didnt really give me much information, but then I guess he probably wasnt that bothered about selling it. Upon exiting the HMV store, I started talking about it with my friend, who commented that all the guy had to ask if how often do we buy dvds in HMV? The answer to this ofcourse is every month, and so the guy might have caught on to something. Unfortunate for him and HMV he didnt.

Looking into it in a bit more detail, I found out that the HMV Loyalty Card can be used at 35,000 retail outlets nationwide, so its potentially quite a big deal. Now I know your all thinking youve got plenty of loyalty cards, but the HMV loyalty card does include places like B&Q, Dixons, Debenhams, Esso, Halfords, JD Sports, Next, Sainsbury’s, Top Man, Top Shop and UCI Cinemas as places where you can earn points.

I have since signed up for the card and am quite happy that Ill be able to earn £1 for every £100 I spend in HMV stores and

For this reason, Id reccomend you visit HMV here and sign up for one. It could be a very good deal once you have made a few purchases and collected some points. Especially when they have a crazy sale on and dvds from £2.99!

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  1. Wildcat

    I’m afraid you’ve got this completely wrong. The HMV loyalty card can ONLY be used in HMV stores and online at, nowhere else. Plus, you don’t earn a pound for 100 pounds you spend. You earn 100 points for every pound you spend. These points can then be traded for “money can’t buy” experiences like movie premieres, backstage passes, signed merchandise, etc. The scheme is called “pure hmv”. You can find out more about it here:

  2. x

    don’t fall for it. We have to offer the cards (or in many stores) face disciplinary action. Its a waste of money if you don’t spend alot in hmv or you dont have internet.


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