Evolution International Film Festival 2016 Preview

mff3As the softly glinting sun rises over the Spanish island of Mallorca, its fragile golden rays expose much. The gentle sea kisses the island and the caressing golden sand gives texture and warmth. The stunning hills are white and crisp, as is the small towns that dot them. But just in the main town of Palma far away from the bleached hills, we are also in the presence of a striking and less well known delight. The 5th annual Evolution Film Festival is about to get underway. The festival delights with it refreshing selection of films for the film maker, lover and artisan. Covering across the globe and exposing films that are unexpected and unseen it might just be the future of the film festival as we know it. Allow me if you will to take you into the film festival and introduce you to the future.

mffOriginally an idea of the highly talented Sandra Seeling Lipski, German by birth but raised in Mallorca, she moved to the US studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre in New York City and graduated Los Angeles Film School with a degree in Directing and Producing in 2012. This might have been enough for anyone else but then Lipski started Evolution and has added a dimension of artistry and individuality to the festival circuit. This makes for a series of film choices that have many excited. This years highlights are El Destierro, a profoundly intense and intimate war film from Spain. Oasis: Supersonic, a British film by Mat Whitecross about the Gallagher brothers and their super band. The Hindi film Where to Miss? that is a bold statement on the gender changes going on in India. A Heavy Heart the powerful exploration of German history, boxing and the loss of one mans independence. The closing film is the explosive Tour de France. These are only a few of the 9 days film catalogue. Add the short films that are from across the globe and cover topics from Comedy in a Berlin restaurant, British father and son dynamics and drag in Israel.

mff2Now if this isn’t enough also note that Danny Devito is set to receive an award in person before a screening of his electric battle of the sexes comedy, The War of the Roses. The festival will be running over 9 days between November 3 – 12

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