We thank NSV for their donation to the NHS Evelina hospital.  

The simplest of games can become the most rewarding for broad group of players. Never has a truer word been said. As we finish (we have about 8 more games to go from this set) this lockdown and move to those long summer nights, eyes are turning to games that can be played over a lazy haze of refreshing beer, easy food and the smell of charred coals.


Inside the box are 6 boards, which are wipe clean and have coloured hexagons in differing patterns on. 6 Dice with coloured circles. 4 pens that are wipe clean. A rule book that, like most all NSV game guides, is clear and pretty enough to hold attention to get the best value.


The fun begins with each player being given a board, a pen and the hope of winning! choose a first player (we did this by a role of the dice and a choose colour). You can have up to 4 players but need at least two. Play starts from the white X in the middle of the board. The first player takes all six dice and rolls. They have to choose a colour that they have rolled and that leads from the white X. If you roll say three yellow, then you can choose to re roll any none yellow dice (so three in this instance). Other players can take a colour rolled here prior to the re roll just so you know. Only one but it can jeopardise your re roll. Re roll and push your luck. If you roll another yellow, you can keep going, if not then you move on to the next stage.  This involves marking on the board the number of colour dice you have rolled. Your objective is to mark off treasure stars that are white within these colours. Nine to win and a double set of one colour as well, just to make sure. The only outlier rules to note. You can only mark off hexagons that are connected to a previously marked box and you must use up all your dice rolled or give up the turn.


The game works well for teams. Young and old. It is quick, with an ease of play that will benefit younger children and families. It is never tiresome due to its speed, which means it has rich replay value and then finally the variety of boards has the players always at the same position on regular plays.


Only gripe, those pens. They leave a messy film on the boards.


A pleasant game for the family. It might be simple but it is effective and as such deserves real respect for this.



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