Acts of Godfrey Review

On the 16th of June the Soho Screening rooms were buzzing with anticipation, awaiting an early screening of Johnny Daukes Acts of Godfrey, a film which didn’t disappoint.

This black comedy follows Victor (Iain Robertson) as he attends a weekend business seminar, an event where gangsters, a pop star and a calculating fraudster (Harry Enfield) are also present. Little does he know that the weekend will change his life forever, as omniscient narrator Godfrey (Simon Callow) meddles with the weekend’s proceedings.

Acts of Godfrey is very much a modern twist on Shakespeare, mixing dark humour with elements such as revenge, betrayal, love and magic. The dialogue is also in verse and works extremely well, causing the well written witty dialogue to sound even sharper. On top of this there are musical numbers, stylised flashback sequences and even animation, all of which works well together and gives the film its own unique feel.

It also has a very strong British cast including Simon Callow, Harry Enfield and Calendar Girl’s Celia Emrie.  Joining them are Smack the Pony’s Doon Mackichan and Sea of Soul’s Iain Robertson. All the actors involved give very strong performances under the direction of first time director Johnny Daukes.

Overall Acts of Godfrey is a truly original film, with a rich visual style and a fantastic cast. The plot is filled with twists and turns and genuinely keeps your interest until the end credits. The big question now is what will Johnny Daukes do next?


An original British film which is as witty as it is visually arresting.

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