Who should replace Wossy on Film 2010?

This morning Jonathan Ross confirmed that he is leaving the BBC and will not renegotiate his contract when it ends in July. So will film 2010 continue without him or will it just be cancelled? Who do you think the new presenter should be if it does? My bet would be Mark Kermode, who already does a lot of BBC film work, and although I dont like him that much myself at least he will actually review the films, rather than simply publicise them as Wossy does.

The Film programme is only on for a few months of the year which kind of deafeats the whole idea of the programme – maybe they could have two presenters for 6 months each and then it would actually be a weekly review show? The next series is currently scheduled to finish in March and will restart in September but who do you think deserves the job? Will the BBC again go for someone who is too scared to give any real opinion or will they make film 2010 an exciting and opiniated show for once? Before Ross it was hosted by the great Barry Norman – I say bring him back!

Other popular choices include film critics Jason Solomons and James King as well as Screenwipe and panel show TV presenter Charlie Brooker or a combo of Kermode and Mayo as they do on their radio show at the moment. Vote in our poll on the left for who you think should get the job!

UPDATE! The Poll is now over and the surprising winner was a Mr Charlie Brooker – although we did get a lot of comments for Anne Bilson as host so watch out Kermode it doesnt look like the jobs yours yet!

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  1. Keith Jones

    Anne Billson has been the subject of much scholarly debate, and it is probably agreed that her presentation of the width and nuances of Film is without literary parallel.
    With analysis appealing equally to limoncello sippers at Bloomsbury Renoir, the cola drinkers of a Gateshead multiplex and the many enthusiasts imbibing on their own settees, Billson has greatly increased the variety and number of Cinema Viewers.
    Anne Billson reviewing Film 2010 in our homes, will be the catalyst for a furthe re-generation of Cinema

    Write a comment…

  2. Chris Patterson

    Dr Kermode should of had it when Barry Norman left but it was given as a sweetener to Ross who gave reviews based on who would come on his chat show.

    Join Facebook group – We Want Mark Kermode for Film 2011

    and we can right an injustice.

    Here endth the lesson.

  3. Roz Kaveney

    Anne Billson is a fine critic and at least the equal, and usually vastly the superior, of everybody listed here – it is quite shocking that media personalities are being listed here instead of people capable of doing the job. Ross at least cares passionately about film – what is the evidence that Charlie Brooker is interested in more than his bon mots? There are three people qualified for the job – assuming Barry Norman does not want to come back – and those are Kim Newman, Mark Kermode and Anne Billson of whom Billson is the least over-exposed.

  4. Djibril

    Anne Billson would be an excellent critic. I’ve never seen her on-screen–does she work on television as well as newspapers?

  5. Andrew McKie

    I second Roz Kaveney’s view in the order: Billson, Newman, Kermode. I’d also love Alan Stanbrook to do it, but I suppose that’s a completely hopeless cause.

  6. UrbanCineaste

    If I had a choice if would be Rich Cline from Shadows on the Wall fame. I guess he won’t get it as he’s an… American.
    After that I’d go with Solomons has a nice style and could do the job standing on his head.
    Billson would be good as would John Patterson from the Guardian.
    It’s a pity there’s gonna be no Black or Asian journalist in the mix. Please no Reggie Yates, Angelica Bell or Marquita Oliver.

  7. RDawgOnTheTV

    Ann Billson. No argument. She knows film better than anyone. She is very good at dissecting a film and her opinions on the social statements they make are spot on. She also does not kiss anyones ass. Did you read her Avatar review? http://multiglom.blogspot.com/?zx=8ee3450f446adf4

    And she’s funny and occasionally has a mouth like a sailor’s. Bahaha….! What’s not to love?

  8. David Howe

    Completely agree with the other people. NOT any random celeb. Billson, Newman, Kermode are the only sensible choices. Why not have *all* of them presenting, alternating perhaps, or each with their own segment of the show. All are respected and brilliant at their craft.

  9. DanielNothing

    i seeriously urge anyone who would seriously like Anne Billson to host to join the above-linked Facebook group. She is as knowledgeable, insightful, witty and exciting a film writer as there has ever been, she’s not someone the viewing public will be sick of from a multitude of other broadcast media, she’s very personable and likeable as a personality, and it would be great to see a woman getting such a high-profile job in what has devolved in recent years into a sneery little-boys’ club.

    AND she won’t try to shoehorn references to The Exorcist into every broadcast.


  10. DanielNothing

    Sorry about repeating ‘seriously’ twice in one sentence there. One of them was also misspelled. FML.

  11. CM Jarman

    Why are the options on your poll to replace J Ross on Film 2010 all men?

    Anne Billson is more than a credible option and would make more than a credible replacement. Please add her to the list of options.

  12. Susan Valdar

    It’s got to be Anne Billson – get real folks!

    She’s got impeccable taste, her little fingers know more about film than most of the other contenders do and she’s got style and pzazz.

    If you doubt it, have a look at her mini review blog:

  13. Wynter

    gotta add my support for Anne Billson as well – Kermode is great but I fear he is becoming a ‘character’ and Film 2010 might send him into self parody


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