Weinsteins settle ‘Scream 4’ lawsuit

Following last week’s newspiece on Michael Moore not settling with The Weinstein Co. over fees he claims he is owed from Fahrenheit 9/11, news comes via The Hollywood Reporter today that the production company paid “a few months ago” to settle a $3 million claim filed last year by producer Cathy Konrad, who alleges she was booted from the fourth Scream film after it was developed without her knowledge.

Konrad, of Cat Entertainment, filed the suit claiming that she was responsible for production of the Scream franchise and was entitled to a first opportunity to produce any further sequels. The producer had planned to be involved with a fourth installment, before hearing through media reports that The Weinstein Company were making a film scheduled for 2011 without her. She claimed that her exclusion was in order to both lower costs and allow Iya Labunka, the wife of director Wes Craven, to produce instead.

The terms of the settlement are unknown, though sources close to The Hollywood Reporter say Konrad “is getting a cash payment from TWC and a very small portion of the back end on the film”. Neither the Weinsteins’ attorney nor Konrad’s have commented on the settlement.

Scream 4 is released Friday, April 15.

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