Can you work it out? Parallel Lines: Ridley Scott Associates Production

Yesterday we recieved a very strange and intriguing package through the post, addressed to Front Row Reviews. Opening the giant cardboard box up, we found a small green box inside, which amongst other things contained a bullet. Whilst panic struck to those around us, we took a look at the note and realised it was not a death threat but actually a teaser for a set of short films being produced by Ridley Scott Associates (RSA).

The Phillips Parallel Lines project was instigated by Phillips to showcase the cinematic capabilities of Phillips TV’s. Phillips challenged RSA to come up with 5 short films which are all different, but are based on 1 unifying dialogue.

Why send us a box with a bullet?

Well, the box sent over to us holds clues as to what the unifying theme is. Take a look below and see if you can work it out. Our friends over at Hey U Guys also recieved a package with a different set of clues which may help you. Take a look here.

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  1. Owen P

    Wow! that looks wicked – really cool way to promote a telly! Big up!

    • Amo

      Its not bad is it – sending a bullet and a rifle lens to someone. We are thinking of giving it away in a competition so watch this space 🙂


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