New trailer for American Heist

In American Heist, James has a dark past, but now he is trying with all his might to change his life. Meanwhile, his older brother, Frankie, who served ten years in prison, is released. He attempts to start a new life that James did not add up: as an ex-con, he cannot expect to get a good job. Seeing this, Frankie offers James to “conduct a little business. He swears it’s the last time and after a bank robbery in New Orleans, they have money, and they will refund his life that was once lost. As a result of “a little business”, it will become one of the most dramatic and bloody attacks in American history…

American Heist will be released by ACE Entertainment Films on June 22nd 2015, available to download and view-on-demand on major platforms in the UK.

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  1. lois

    Was hoping for that it would a commerical success. Not on vod demand or limited release. People won’t get see it like last one. Need a hit movie to stay in the game these days. Need not do anymore movies like these again. And Rachel won’t dump him?


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