New Harry Potter film to be in 3D

Part 1 of the new film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is scheduled for release in the UK on 19th November 2010. In the last few weeks there have been conversations about making it in 3D! Warner Bros are apparently very keen to embrace the new format and with the cost of conversion to 3D now around the $5 million mark, it seems a pretty good option. Compared to the revenue that the Harry Potter films generate its a drop in the ocean.

There is also talk of converting all of the previous 5 films to 3D as well. Although unconfirmed at this stage, it remains a possibility. this was the response from Potter producer David Heyman about a 3D conversion when posed the question by MTV.

“Those discussions haven’t yet happened, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. You know what? I actually shouldn’t say that. Who knows? It would be great. You can never tell. I hope so.”

I’m sure when someone does the figures and works out that most of the avid fans who have already bought the previous DVD’s and Blu-Rays, will be more than happy to return to the cinema’s and pay for another round of their favourite wizard in 3D.  I think 3D will be great when its affordable technology for the home, but until it becomes affordable we will probably just stick to our Digital Projectors and Blu Rays.

In other news – the BBFC have warned that the new Harry Potter film could offend! According to reports there has been a preview screening to the BBFC members and they are concerned that in its current form it will need an 18 rating for its UK release.

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    when will be harry potter and the deathly hallows released. I am waiting for this movie from a long time it’s is not here in india.


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