Lars Von Trier and Martin Scorsese Taxi Remake rumours

This week sees another gathering of film industry heads in Berlin at the Berlinale and as usual the film gossip rumour mill has gone in to overdrive. After Lars von Trier and Martin Scorsese met specualtion was rife that Von Trier was enocouraging Scorses to remake Taxi Driver, and in a similar way to with Jorgen Leth in The Five Obstructions Von Trier would set Scorsese a series of challenges or obstacles in the remake. Other rumours said that Von Trier himself would direct the remake.

The rumour grew in size after a Danish paper published an interview with Peter Jensen, von Trier’s executive producer who said he couldn’t confirm or deny the rumors. However Jensen himself later spoke to Screen and said that the remake story is untrue, although the two directors had met at the Berlinale.

So if the rumours were at all true what would you prefer to see? A remake by Scorsese starring De Niro but under Von Triers guidance or a completer Von Trier remake from scratch? Let us know in the comments below.

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