Kim Kardashian as a 3-D Covergirl

If you thought three-dimensional computer graphics could only be enjoyed though a cinematic experience, you’re been proven wrong but no other than…Kim Kardashian?

That “so 2010” concept has not only been smashed by the availability of 3D home television sets but also by the future Mrs Humphries who  is gracing the cover of the world’s first 3D magazine, shot by fashion photographer Nick Saglimbeni.

According to reports by E! News, The World’s Most Beautiful magazine is set to hit shelves (and the app store) this Monday, and the anaglyph images will be sure to revolutionise your reading experience, just how it has proved to do on the big screen.

Talking exclusively to the WMB3D magazine, powerhouse Kardashian says “Just to even do a 3-D shoot and then see the photos come to life…it’s amazing! The first time seeing myself that way is really magical.”

Here’s a first look at some of the dazzling images, but in true 3D form you will need to don a pair of glasses to enjoy the magazine in its full glory when it hits stands this Monday.

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3 Responses

  1. Mahvish

    I think it’s a waste of money! 3D only belongs to the screens, not on paper.

    • Manleen Gill

      It is a refreshing concept though, would you agree? I take it you wont be picking up a copy?

  2. Mahvish

    Sure, try out new ideas and a refreshing concept it may be. But are people really willing to walk around with 3D glasses on when trying to look at the mag?


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