Funding Needed for ‘Nancy Pansy Hairy Mary’

‘NANCY PANSY HAIRY MARY’ is a film in production about two gay serial killers who have a taste for killing homophobes and the day they meet and fall in love. The film is essentially a love story with a bloody edge that sets out to show the deadly effects of homophobia as well as turn the tables on it.

Fully Flared Films, Bartholomew Sammut & Kelly West have been developing the story for the past three years and now believe it is time to stand up and make this fight against homophobia a reality.

They have started a fundraising campaign running on and really need support in getting the word out there to the people. The film is being directed by Christoph Scheermann, who has won several awards for his previous short films “Fresh Air Therapy” (Melbourne Queer Film Festival Audience Award Winner 2011) & “Cakes and Sand”. Starring in the film is Frank Christian Marx as Felix Hairy Mary & Bartholomew Sammut as Sebastian Nancy Pansy. Also just on board is Peccadillo Pictures, one of the UK’s most respected art house film distributors!

To show your support please visit:

The Fundraising Campaign Link & Video –

and other online ways to stay in touch with the production…

The Films Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –!/NancyPansyHairy
Tumblr –

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