A new edition to the Star Wars franchise.

With many hard core Star Wars fans disillusioned with the latest instalments from the franchise, talk of a new film may come as a surprise. Rumours have placed Joe Johnston, director of the up and coming Captain America film, at the helm of the project. According to screenrant.com , Johnston is ‘trying to get George to make a feature film based on Boba Fett’.

Johnston’s previous directorial credits include Jumanji and Jurassic Park III, but his familiarity with Star Wars reaches back to the original trilogy when he worked on all three films as an illustrator and designer.

Johnston’s eagerness to focus on Boba Fett, a somewhat secondary character turned icon, may stem from his allegedly large role in his creation. Fett has made numerous appearances in spin-off comics and novels, and is a popular amongst fans. One would speculate however, that a feature film would remain too esoteric and would only appeal to a small fan base

Lucas’s prior attempts at expanding the Star Wars franchise has come under heavy fire from critics and anti-Jar Jar activists a-like, so the Fett feature will no doubt spark heated debate amongst original trilogy loyalists.

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