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Many people in the U.K. have probably never heard of Siro-A, but that is about to change. Bursting onto the London stage with their latest show, Siro-A bring their amazing mix of cutting edge technology blended with choreographed dance and mime. The seven strong performance group from Sendai, Japan, have often been described as Japan’s answer to the Blue Man group, but their use of projection mapping and integrated light show lifts them above the Blue Men in many ways.

Siro-A have performed to thousands of people at the Shanghai Expo and won the Spirit of the Fringe award at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival in 2011.

Their name can be translated as ‘difficult to define’ and after seeing the show for ourselves we can safely say that isn’t far from the truth. Just when you think you have seen it all, Siro-A add another layer to their next routine, whether it’s humour, sound reaction, lasers or audience interaction. Watch out for the cheeky references to video games we all know and love, especially the homage to Super Mario Brothers which had the audience laughing and cheering.

This new style of dance theatre crosses so many genres, using music, visuals, movement, dance, acting and illusion, that there is something to please everyone whatever their age or taste. Every show is billed as being unique as the Siro-A team involve the audience using cameras and projectors to turn the crowd into part of the performance.

Key acts in the show include Creating brand logos with silhouettes, the beautiful Human Layer, Box Man, Smash Fitter, and Twinkleman, which features LED suits, electronic sounds, and body movements in precise unison.

The crowd were laughing even before the show began as Siro-A performers mingled with the audience and then set up their camera to create hilarious overlaid images featuring audience members which were projected onto the stage. Stunned silence at the start of the show gave way to screams and shouts as the crowd were amazed by what they were seeing. At quite a few points in the show many of us were left wondering what was real and what was digital illusion. The show lasted just over an hour and the energy is maintained throughout the performance with the Siro-A members giving everything they’ve got to produce a show that is so unique it has no equal.

Here at Front Row Reviews we suggest that you grab your friends and family and get tickets for this beautiful, engaging and awe inspiring show before they sell out!

1 February – 22 April
Leicester Square Theatre

6 Leicester Place  London, Greater London WC2H 7BX
0844 873 3433

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