MadMapper VJ Workshop – 31 July & 1 Aug


On 31st July & 1 Aug, a group of around 15 visual artists and VJs met up for a 2 day MadMapper Workshop. Everyone involved had a different background in some form of Visual Art including; TV, Animation, VJing, Interactive Installation, Interior Design and Projection Mapping.

There was a fantastic turnout on both nights, showing the enthusiasm for all forms of video art in London. The workshop was the ideal place for everyone to share experiences, techniques, thoughts and ideas, with the single goal of pushing video art forward.

After a brief who’s who. The workshop split into 2 sections – 1 for standard Projection Mapping techniques and 1 for advanced Spatial Mapping. Many skills and techniques were displayed, everything from basic mapping onto shapes through to live motion tracking with Kinect sensors. Photos below courtesy of Raf.

Over the 2 days, most of the contents of the warehouse unit had been mapped onto. Everything from the sofa, the door frames through to a giant inflatable spiky ball and an old 1980’s robot. (See below… short videos from Joe, linked together and re-synced with a bit of Shackleton… unless YouTube have pulled it down for breach of copyright!)

Many friendships were formed here and no doubt there will be some future collaborations between some of the artists on some bigger projects in the near future. Everybody left with a sense of achievement, some new friends and some crazy new ideas about what to map onto next. Watch this space!

The event was organised by Rafael Filomeno, with some help from Shaun, Joe and Gary (Deep Visual). One month licenses of both Modul8 and MadMapper were arranged via Gary, so many thanks to both Gary and Garagecube for that. Thanks to everyone who made this workshop possible and to all involved for turning up!

Artists involved:

Rafael Filomeno, Joe Catchpole, Gary Deep Visual, Anina Carl, Shaun (Prickimage), Gerred Blyth, Elastic Eye + MoreBuck$,, Lotus Visual, Fabian, Giulia Robbiani, Lexi Kiddo, Nicolas Marechal



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