Who would I like to share a cab with?

hmm I havent really thought this through much but I think id like to share a cab with Keira knightley. Id like to ask her how she got into Hollywood, coming from a posh tarts background in Hampton and how she finds working with Americans all the time.

Apparently before being a huge star Kiera was a bit of a slapper at college (So ive heard from someone who was in her year) and didnt mind showing the boys a few tricks. Obviously this kind of history (if it were true as it is just hearsay at the moment) wouldnt lend itself well to a promising career in acting. Especially not in the number one film industry that is Hollywood.

Given her success in Pirates of the Carribean and her other hits like Domino, she is definately doing something right, and Id want to ask her what she thinks it is. Is it her english nature? I think this is the reason she has done so well, and that hollywood has lapt her up. I think that her nature, which is very english, has given hollywood directors something different to work with, something away from all the sexyness that Jolie and Alba bring to the scene. Its simpler than that, its a raw english edge, which whilst still attractive, gives a character a crass attitude which can be used in a wider variety of ways.

Yes, if I was in a cab with Kiera, id definately ask her what she thought helped her get into Hollywood. Aside of her antics at college….

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