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We thought its time to start focusing on key actors / actresses in the film reviews world in order to bring you a better service. Ive therefore decided to start by writing about Tom Cruise and some of the films he has made in his acting career.

The Last Samurai (2003)

A very poetic film, Cruise plays a soldier sent to Japan to destroy the last apposing clan which stands in the way of economisation of rural Japan. Being captured by the clan, Cruise’s character (Nathan Algren) learns the way of the Samurai and what it means to be a true Samurai. Troubled at night by all the pain he has caused in his career, Algren finds a peaceful refuge amongst them, becoming one of them with the intent of defending their diminishing way of life. An extremely moving film.

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A few Good Men (1992)

In this court room drama, Tom Cruise plays Lt. Daniel Kaffee, a man responsible for putting to trial two marine privates who are on trial for the murder of an informer. Feeling the pressures of being a renowned jurors son, Kaffee works with demi moore to understand the truth behinid the situation and unravel the true culprits.

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Days of Thunder (1990)

A classic Tom Cruise film, Days of Thunder is a childhood classic for many about the rubber thats burnt at stock car racing. Cruise plays Cole Trickle, a rookie thats scouted to team up with a retired Stock car manager who wants to be the best thing since sliced bread. Experiencing a bad crash on the circuit, Trickle has to overcome his fears and also his arch rival on track in order to win the love of his life and also finish the race.

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Cocktail (1998)

A film that I havent actually seen myself yet, Cocktail tells the story of an ex army man (Tom Cruise) who comes home to try and find a job of sorts. Ending up in a trashy bar, the film tells the story of the women that come and go for him and his relationship with his boss. A classic film from what Ive heard, its one that I should really get around to watching…

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Collateral (2004)

A hitman movie, Collateral provides the viewers with a front row view into the sharp shooting moves of a killer. With 5 stops to make and only one night to make them in, Cruises character tells the nieve Taxi Driver (Foxx) that he has one night to close a real estate deal before flying out of LAX. Thinking its too good to pass up, Foxx accepts the offer and proceeds to location number 1. When a dead body ceremoniously lands on his cab, Foxx realises something isnt quite right about his passenger. A great action movie unfolds with both characters battling each other to complete the task and stay alive.

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