3D TV’s… here to stay?

With the recent leaps forward in 3D technology its clear to see that 3D has come a long way since its poor incarnations in the early 90’s. It’s all well and good having amazing 3D experiences in the cinema, but people want this in their homes too. Not just for films but for live sporting events, gaming and TV programmes. If the manafacturers get this right, then the whole country will end up buying a 3D set at some point.

The first went on sale in the UK last Thursday, 22nd April. The problem with this latest development is not the technology as it was in the 90’s… its the price. These first sets are retailing at around £1800.00, and thats not all. To use your full set up you will also need to buy some 3D glasses, around £150 for a good pair, a 3D Blu-Ray player, around £350… and don’t forget you HDMI leads, £40.

With new films coming thick and fast – 3D is hopefully here to stay this time. The trouble is with this type of new technology, it relies on enough people buying it in the early days for the manafacturers to get some of their development money back. If enough people buy now then that’s when the prices drop and the market gets saturated with cheaper models. If too many people hold out and wait til the prices fall then the 3D TV may not be around for as long as predicted.

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