Trespass Blu Ray Review

Two fireman (Bill Paxton and William Sadler) try to rescue an old man from a burning building. He screams that he cant go. He tells them about a map. He says it leads them to a stash of stolen religious articles.  Its in a building that was once a grand old factory. They decide to check out this factory. Maybe the loot exists or maybe its just a holiday. Problem is that they have company. A crew run from there. Led by King James (Ice T) and seconded by Savon (Ice Cube). They want to do business but not with these two crackers…

Trespass was written 20 odd years before it was finally committed to screen. 20 years in the making could either suggest the film was ahead of the curve (it is a noir film and until the early 1990s, Noir was dead in the water…kind of). Either that or it could be waiting for its writers to become sturdy financial investments. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale became just that. Yes, these guys are the same who committed pen to paper and wrote the BACK TO THE FUTURE series. Here is a film written before that. Tellingly it lacks the previous flair for black comedy. However this is made up for by the director. Walter Hill. Yes, the Walter Hill. He riddles the film with macho fronting, raw action and set pieces. He directs with a camera that attacks the actor and scenes fast in tempo. Its all structured to be a very rapid ride down a very steep shaft. Maybe it fails to live up to expectations, but it still gets a B + for effort.

The extras. Some we have seen in previous discs and those I will not touch. The new features are the Commentary which sees two music fans talk about the film and the musical resonance. Works for me and pardon the pun… The other commentary featuring Thompson and Berger is weighty and the film is given a meaty run through.


Brand New Extras

  • Commentary with Joel McIver and Angus Batey
  • Commentary with Nathaniel Thompson and Howard S. Berger
  • Limited edition booklet: includes ‘Urban Western: Trespass and Walter Hill’s Wild West’ by Phillip Escott & ‘From Harlem to Hollywood: How Rap Stars Conquered the Big Screen’ by Tim Scaping

Additional Extras

  • Wrongful Entry (interview with producer Neil Canton)
  • Fool’s Gold (interview with actor William Sadler)
  • Born Losers (interview with co-writer Bob Gale)

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