Train to Busan Blu Ray review

TTB3A high speed train is travelling as fast as a bullet from one place in South Korea to another. The train is filled with people journeying from somewhere and to someplace. A father and daughter are their way to see her mother, a business man is trying to get home to see his house and garden. Two sisters are going home after not seeing each other for thirty years. Then suddenly it is a different world and a zombie panic descends on everyone, everywhere and everything. Flesh is ripped, guts are pulled, blood is splashed across the screens and then the train takes off and the moving zombie hoard are hungry.

TTB2You might have escaped the crazed love in that has gone on about this film. Its been treated like a masterpiece, best film of the year and a grand piece of genre cinema. It is not as good as all that. Not by some yard. It is too long, flabby in many scenes, badly plotted in places and feels tired. That said it still has the bones of a good action film, a passable horror film and a clever series of social commentary pieces. Some writers have got a little hot on this but they would as they are young and dont have film history as others do…

TTB4The film could make a weekend watching. Say a Sunday night watching if you like but it for me is too empty in places. The forced emotions, that are often manipulative and irritating. The silly violence of training running and fighting to rescue people that would have been better served staying there. I mean that is the problem. It is so idiotic and people lap it up as if it is cream. Cinema today is at a bad place but stop being so self absorbed in this world…


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