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Canne Palm D’or winning that is as exceptional as it is timely. Christian (Bang) is Head of X-Royal art museum in Stockholm. Interviewed by journalist Anne (Moss)He seems uncomfortable in the role but professes he will make things interesting. His ideas become centred around a Square that allows freedom form social constraints and artistic criticism. However these things are not always as clear cut as one place and no comment.

Culture is dead. Well it is very ill and possibly devoid of merit at the least. With Rueben Ostlund previous film skilfully parodied the middle class aspirations with expectations with sardonic wit and here he again takes on the cultural norms and graces. THE SQUARE asks a very pertinent question (sardonically of course.) If art is an industry for intellectual egos massaging, is it now redundant? Of course it is not. It is however becoming increasingly polarised by technology, language and social media. Maybe it is youth or maybe it is excess of stimuli but attention for the arts come down to increasingly excessive inputs. THE SQUARE has a literal space which is reflective of the Internet. Free, fair and open but like the Internet this is it as a concept or to put it honestly, devoid of human interaction. Once theory is transplanted with reality it is a place of Fire and brimstone, a place of extreme opinions.

Layered within all of this is a commentary on #METOO, Sexuality and figureheads. Does the change desired by all relate to the real world? Not if the art world is so vain glorious as lead actor Clas Bang turn as Christian is anything to go by. What about art becoming transformative to society? Not if our expectations are anything to go by. Does a square really create a place of control and collaboration? It would seem Ostlund is not convinced nor is he even prepared to commit to a position but this is the potency of his film. Marking the delicious satire and hilarity of the work more definite. It mines deep seams in society. Sardonically swiping at the naivety of the pretence many live under.

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