The Kettering Incident DVD Review

KI3Tasmania in Australia is a play of natural beauty and wonder. It is also the backdrop for a disappearance of a young girl, who vanished while out with her sister on a bike ride. Ten years have past and the sister is now all grown up and living in London. The past however comes back to haunt her,  when she has a series of blackouts. So she returns to find out the cause of these blackouts and there relation to her sister.

KIHEADTension can mount in shows like this. By turns surreal and others irritatingly absent, this is a series that has spellbound and frustrated its viewers. I found it a rewarding, if not every so often unfulfilling watch. The story hangs on layers of abstract drama that can hold attention if you do not question it too deeply. The cast are excellent with a standout performance by Debicki. She gives us layers of hurt, fear and pathos that are critical to us investing in her.

KI1The visuals for me were the real part that deserves re-investment. They add layers that make it so much more  worthy to revisit. The aspects of nature and space are played on to good effect. They are stunning sometimes and edited with the mind set of being a portion of the story. We are unable to trust the narrative or the world as we are shown it because they fracture and flow erratically . This delights us into seeing the world as a mixture of lie and falsehood.

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