The Hitman’s Bodyguard DVD Review

A non stop rolling news action film with awful plotting, dull visuals and the occasional laugh out loud moment. Michael Bryce is a triple A rated bodyguard. He is hired to protect the worlds biggest and best. So when he is hired to protect Takashi Kurosawa, a Japanese arms dealer, all seems easy enough. However when Kurosawa is shoot through an airplane window, its the end of his career. Two years later Bryce might have found to redeem himself. Vladislav Dukhovich, a dictator from Belarus is on trial and the world famous hitman Darius Kincaid is to testify. All Bryce has to do is get him there!

Oh god! Oh dear sweet lord. It is rare to find such a film that is unfunny, over written and a barrage of pointless action but today you have found it. Director Patrick Hughes is unsure at what he wants to remove from a script over filled with loud bangs that he leaves it all in and in doing so misses so much value. Its as if he felt that the scenery and the car crashes make up for chemistry.

The choice of two great comedy actors playing off each other was hard for me to miss but after 30 minutes and one pointless plot line and gun battle after another, I was deadened to it. When you want to drop in humour but still maintain a momentum, that is fine. Eddie Murphy did this in 48hrs and Beverly hills cop. However both films and their directors knew, let the actors have time and not barrage them with pointless and expensive set pieces on top of each other. Its sad really. Very very sad indeed. Dont watch.

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