The Goose Steps Out Blu Ray Review

GSO3William Potts is not a Nazi. Not in the slightest. However he looks just like one that is spying for the fatherland. The problem is that the Nazi government is expecting him back after his excursion into the UK. This is not what the UK government plan and so they send Potts in his place. He then must teach a group of eager SS recruits about what they need to know to invade those fair isle and blend in….

GSO2Will Hay is an acquired taste. His work is both very funny in places and very limited in its range. This said ‘The Goose Steps Out’ is about as funny a film as he made. Its both dry and broad, swift in laughs and spot on in commentary. I found it tickles that funny bone which constructs our knowledge of history with our knowledge of reality. Hay is at his best, like all good comedians, an agent provocateur. This is a powerful enough feat but mix this with its skill at making fun of a regime some saw destined to take over their country.

GSO4The Blu is given modest treatment. I find this a little sad as Studio Canal have the ability to give it more love and it does deserve it!

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