The Curtain DVD Review

C3When a new apartment comes up for rent, Danni knows it will get her away from her uncle and the nursing job she has left behind. The problem is always, when something is so easy, what is the catch? After all a lovely flat just does not appear out of the blue. When the shower curtain she has hung in her bathroom is sucked into a vortex and sent halfway across town, she has just found it…

C2We could sit and meditate on what the film is about. Its meta subtext, its constructed ideas, its relationships and their meaning in the scheme of the space and time. Literally however it would be better to say that the film is quite good. Simple yet well made. I could not put it better myself. The film is a study in the power and process of film making on a budget. It reeks of economy and technique. The use of form as a direct companion to pure cinema. I find it hard not to admire the wonderful ability to make a film so good and yet so cheaply.

C1The frightfest team have given it a treatment reflective of the quality of the film, as with all the releases over the last couple of weeks. The intro is good and fleshes out the films background. The over riding quality however is in the film and is why I would spend some money on it.

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