The Conjuring 2 Blu Ray review

con3Following on from events that shocked the world (and many a cinema goer) now the team are back. Enfield in North London is the site of a case that is most bizarre and most scary. The house on an average street becomes the site of a haunting that features moving chairs, demonic voices and a nasty poltergeist that wants said house back. This would be okay but then it also involves a group of children who are being attacked and scared witless within the house. Evil it seems wants to stop the family living there and the only ones that can stop it is the team.

con1The Enfield haunting’s have a resonance with today in that they play on the very fears of our species. The fear of that which we cant see, salt dough handprint cant study or cant comprehend. Horror knows this, that is the genre knows this. It knows what we are frightened of and it plays on this. Fear of the unknown is always at the forefront of our species. We fear the dark, the graveyard and the night. All of these things are present in the film and they underline the simple ways in which we can be scared. That it seems is why this series has grown legs and has made this sequel.

conheadNow the event has still not completely been proven a hoax but if you had watched this film then you might have already been of the mind that they were. A beautifully captured, wonderfully rendered hoax all be it. Wan uses the tools of his profession salt Dough Recipe well enough to make a stunning looking film (the Blu looks stunning). The problem is that there is no body in the film. I liken it to a gem that has been well polished but is redundant. The cast aren’t committed to the script (maybe because it is dull and the weakly drawn characters do not give them anything.)

con2The other issues are that the film is desperate to overwhelm y

ou with jumps that it lacks the skill to really penetrate. It has no balance and that makes it jarring over its course and finally it its empty overall. This said the film does have the ability to scare the viewer and it will be a night to stay awake for some. For me it was a peaceful rest and nothing else. The Blu ray has some good pieces like the doc on the haunting’s aftermath, which has more emotion then the film. The sounds of scary doc is also worth a watch if you like craft docs…


– The Enfield Poltergeist: Living The Horror
– The Conjuring 2: Hollywood#s Haunted Stage
– Crafting the Conjuring
– Creating Crooked
– Sounds of Scary
– Deleted Scenes


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