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The Red Army hockey team were a force so powerful it seemed for 50 years almost no one could beat them. They dominated the sport and set about making the Soviet union proud. This illustrative and informative documentary takes a view on this mammoth beast from both sides of the iron curtain. We have the Soviet view and this is chiefly taken from renowned captain, Slava Fetisov. The other perspective is that of the west and the admiration, respect and even fear of this team. World class power house mixes with sporting talent.

The one thing that always gets me about documentary, is that it can both connect you to a subject alien to your own world or one that you know but give fresh insights. Here we have a film that explores the Soviet olympic team and its amazing acheivements but also reflects on the relationship that is very unheatlhy, with political parties.

Take for example the current widespread doping allegations, made with the collusion of the state body and overseen by them. This was in order, just like Red Army expresses, to give the political animals more weight. The problem is that it corrupts the sport and those people that are pushing themselves to get to the top. They become pawns and as in here, they are inadvertently the carrier of a message they my not endorse or even believe. Slava Fetisov is a fantastic example of someone who worked for what he had but was not driven to endorse political ideals. He wanted the sport to make the statement. Red Army is an excellent, worthy watch of a film. It has the dynamics and discourse of many films prior. It is more insightful in regards to its focus and it has a point that is rewarding and hopeful.  Mix it with the balance of opposite views of a thing (the team in this manner) and it occasionally becomes transcendental.

The Disc is about as vanilla as you can get. It has a trailer and thats it. It is sad that the great film has been underrewarded with no documenatry on the making of. No documentary on the lifes of the other members in the current teams.

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