NSG2When the good Dr Mike Parker (Rock Hudson) has to travel away from his daughter to a conference he is torn. You see his wife left him and the little one to fight for themselves some years ago and now every time he sets out to travel, he fears that if he doesn’t come back, what happens to Suzy. When at the conference he is asked to join some friends for a couple of welcome drinks, he says okay but suggests he is not great company. When he discovers that he is in the company of his dearly deserted wife…well that is another story.

NSG1Sirk is write large on this film. He was the melodrama king and he was the god everyone bowed to. In its colour scheme, its pacing and yes even its direction. Is it as good as the great man? Yes in places it has the right notes of compassion, sexual tension and inner suffering. It also falls flat just as often. The story is cock eyed, it has a silly 1st act that develops into the worst second act of the melodrama formula style. The ending is gleeful and soft enough to weaken my hostility but I will say this, it would have been worth a purchase if not for the awful treatment of the disc and its content by Simply Media. To leave a film like this with nothing as an addition is criminal. We want to know things about the film and its relationship to Sirk. He didn’t direct it but he was a major influence and is not mentioned. That means a younger man might just see this and think…oh well. Instead of wow and there is better films than this, directed by a guy called Sirk…

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