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cine3Kids today want to just live, love and be able to buy stuff. Also they just want to have fun and that is harder to come by now. You see it all comes down to money and time. We all have time and often kids have so much that they are stuck in a hole with it. But Money is another beast and that is a problem that even rich kids have. They want to live but that costs money and often when they are bored and poor, money is not in their reaches. These Kids are far from poor they just want fun and profit. Mexico breeds gangs and Negus (Rodriguez) and Chale (Santiago) connect with their friend Sapo ( Sosa) and girl but tomboy Chata (Avalos) to stick up a cinema and create the greatest gang theft since time began. The problem for them is that they are slackers of the highest order. Skate and sliding through the days, they know that to do a hold up will take guts and gall. It might also take a few guns and a few gangster moves to get them what they want and need.

cine1So cinema is a place where criminal acts can be seen and where they can also be turned into myths. This film situates itself somewhere at the middle point of that idea. What we have is a group of kids that take the film world and turn that space into a crime filled reflection of itself. They steal by way of a movie idea, from the place these ideas are implanted. Postmodern it is not but it is clever enough to play on these themes. You see I get it is funny and the film is occasionally very much so. I also get that it is a hard slap at the idea that kids take inspiration from that place which shows you these things. What it is really doing however is taking on those censors and film restriction agents, who see cinema as the most horrid and volatile creation. Film is often blamed for its counter productive elements and this film takes those bully boys to task…. It does this quiet well but falls at the last lap. I am however going to recommend it as a great satire and comedic exploration of blame and shame culture. The culture that tried to ban VHS, DVD, Film and all…

cine4DVD is vanilla again…Simply media please invest in the discs…. The film should be watched but the buyer must be allowed to get VFM. I am saying buy but I will complain that the investment is a 2 way street. See how Arrow, Second Run, BFI invest…and some of their releases are of shit…


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