Brotherhood of Blades DVD review

BOB3Betrayal in ancient China are awash with royal decree. When elite assassins are given the emperors order to kill a group and their leader, it seems simple enough. He is causing trouble, the group are a threat to the empire and must be stopped. The problem is this is no simple group and this leader is no simple man. Blood will flow, swords will be drawn and the elite assassins have to battle their way out of the assignment before they are eliminated.

BOB1Sometimes it is hard not to see the propaganda inside the tale of overcoming adversity. As a film in the sense of techniques, this film is stunning. The use of camera movements and pacing of scenes is superb (mostly done in the edit.) The action sequences are fantastically choreographed and have a swift tempo. The costumes, sets and art design is exemplary. Even the actors give everything for the film.

BOB2Its the issue with the subtext and the subject that concerns me. Undertones of racial and cultural superiority are deeply rooted. You find it hard not to see the idea of ‘us’ overcoming ‘them’. The assassins being from the secret police as well is telling. China like India is a growing superpower and wants to export an ideology of itself. The problem is, where does this lead to?

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